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Have you or someone you know ever said:

“I can’t sleep at night. My anxiety keeps me on edge. I can’t seem to feel settled.”

“I keep making bad relationship choices. I need help.”

“I just want peace. Nobody is asking me for anything; just a little peace.”

“I am tired of being hit with put-downs, insults, and being made to feel guilty all the time by my partner.”

“I have a great career and family but still feel unhappy. What should I do? I should not feel purposeless and empty like I do.”

“My relationship does not seem to be going anywhere. What should I do? I asked my partner to come to counseling, but they refused. I want to come in alone and get started on therapy.

Women often carry pain that is often ignored by others.

We put everything and everyone’s demands and needs ahead of our own. In fact, we feel guilty when we don’t. The results:

We can help you