We do accept many Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, Tricare, Cigna and many EAP plans or cash payments. Call 704-804-0841 if you have any questions. Insurance may cover some or all of the cost of your visits. Please note that we are out of network if your BCBS plan is administered through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or is a BlueValue plan.

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  • Initial Intake session: $165 per hour
  • Individual Counseling on-site: $145 per hour
  • Remote coaching: $165 per hour
  • Couples Counseling: $ 155 per hour
  • Concierge services : $250 per hour ( meaning I come to you)
  • One Day Anger Classes in Group — 6 hours: $247
  • One on One 6 hour Class - $600
  • Anger Management Assessment  -$197


  • Many of our clients who request coaching are aware that this service is not covered by insurance and hence are willing to pay out of pocket.
  • You maintain confidentiality. While there are legal limits to confidentiality. When clients use insurance many (sometimes more than 10) individuals handle your paperwork in order to process your claim. If total privacy is important to you and your family out of pocket cash payments will ensure greater levels of privacy.
  • Some insurance companies will mandate the type, length, and frequency of treatment based on the presenting problem. The client who makes out of pocket payments have more treatment flexibility.
  • There is also research out there that suggests that patients who pay out of pocket are often more motivate and invested in treatment than those who get free or insurance-based services. We have found this to be true in our practice.
  • The client avoids a mandatory diagnosis, stigma, and restrictions on treatment. When you use the insurance your insurance company mandates that you be diagnosed with SOMETHING or they may not pay for treatment. Often things like normal life stressors, marital problems, and personal development cannot be easily diagnosed. Therefore seeking a diagnosis may be a challenge in some situations. Not to mention some clients do not want the stigma of a diagnosis.
  • Maybe the best argument for out of pocket payments comes from our clients. We have heard time and time again from clients who make the decision to pay out of pocket that their main goal is personal growth and to them the return on investment in a changed life, better relationships, and dreams fulfilled far out weight the out of pocket cost for therapy.
  • However, we understand that out of pocket payments do not fit into everyone’s financial goals. Therefore we can process your insurance. However please check the following before enrollment:
  • Do you have mental health benefits as part of your insurance plan? What is you deductible and has it been met?
    How many yearly mental health sessions does your plan cover? How much per session coverage do you have?
    Do you need prior approval from a physician for sessions to be covered?


We do look forward to hearing from you very soon. It is our pleasure to serve you in seeking to live a more fulfilled life. Call us at 704-804-0841 or request an appointment online. Feel free to look us up or Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.