Clinical Mentoring

Clinical Mentoring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is clinical mentoring?

Clinical mentoring is a relationship method whereby a more experienced clinician provides coaching and guidance in the development of specific clinical skills to a clinician less experienced in that/those area(s).

How does clinical mentoring differ from clinical supervision?

Clinical Mentoring

Clinical Supervision

Agreed on between the mentor and mentee only.

Needs sanctioning by licensing boards.

No reports to licensing boards required.

Reports to licensing boards mandatory.

Mentee’s professional work not directly tied to mentor.

Supervisee’s work directly borne by supervisor.

Number of sessions, determined between mentor and mentee.

Duration determined by licensing body.

What can one expect to receive from clinical mentoring?

The goals of the mentoring relationship are established within the first two conversations with Ms. Todd and are dependent on the area(s) of focus. Overall, one can expect to:

  • Heighten confidence in clinical expertise
  • Be motivated to attempt and embrace new professional experiences
  • Challenged to take initiative in personal and professional development

For which clinical areas do Ms. Todd provide mentoring?

Ms. Todd provides clinical mentoring in the following areas:

  • Working with young children
  • Working with African Americans in lower socio-economic means
  • Working with adolescent girls
  • Working with adolescent girls
  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Developing and Conducting psychoeducation groups
  • Career Development re developing and managing a personal plan for longevity in the mental health profession