Adult Anger
Management Assessment

At Conflict Coaching and Consulting, we provide excellent and affordable anger evaluations right to your home via email as well as in person in our office. Our anger evaluation assessment is guaranteed to be professional and up-to-date according to the industry standards, so you can be sure that your evaluation is accurate and widely accepted. We are available for anger evaluations on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Anger Management Assessment


The workbook is for and by teens who struggle with anger. We combined the science behind anger management with real feedback from teens to bring you these life-changing publications.

Parents who work with teens will find this workbook a necessary ally to address the ever-present problems of anger, conflict, and bullying among teens.

How it works

Sample Assessment And Recommendation letter

Important to Note:

This is an anger evaluation, NOT an anger management class. If you need to take an anger management class, CLICK HERE. However, an anger evaluation is a great starting point, and both the online and in-person evaluation are highly credible. You will be receiving the same exact material whether you take the in-person evaluation or the online evaluation. You can be sure that your anger evaluation with Dr. Carlos Todd, a licensed professional with many years of experience, will be powerful and effective and will fulfill any requirements given by a court/legal system.