Couples Fight School

The Most Essential Skill Couples Need to Build Intimacy is Conflict Resolution.
Hence the reason we developed Couples Fight School TM

Find Peace With Your Partner Again; Restore Tranquillity At Home!

Do you find yourself missing the way your relationship and life used to be? Do you feel like every day is the same; full of disappointment, bad communication and sadness? Do you feel that coming home isn’t the end of the day, but rather the start of another battle with your partner; a struggle to keep it all together? The passion and love feels to have been buried under the mountains of conflict…

After a long, hard day of work and bringing home the pay, you find yourself at loggerheads with your partner. It leaves you tired, frustrated, and like there’s just simply no way to connect to your partner anymore. Nothing seems to work.

Does this sound familiar?

You are not alone. You’re trying to nurture your life together, providing comfort to your family. In the whirlwind that is life, you probably don’t even know what love is anymore. It has become shrouded in an aura of anger and frustration. You’ve looked at counselling, you have considered breaking up, talking to friends or your pastor, and even your partner, and nothing seems to work.

Let us tell you something… LOVE IS POSSIBLE AGAIN!

Bring back the passion and peace to your stressful relationship. Join a special four-hour event by Dr. Carlos Todd and his wife Natasha Pemberton-Todd (a mental health expert). As a professional couple’s conflict management expert and licensed professional counselor, Dr. Carlos will help you and your partner reconnect and become stronger, no matter how much of the bridge has burnt over the years. He’s not just offering some cookie-cutter advice. In fact, he’s been there. He went through a great deal of suffering and is now telling his story of experiencing childhood abuse, witnessing attempted suicide, and things that no child should ever have to see. After his nightmarish experience, he’s looking to help others.

At this enlightening, empowering four-hour seminar, you’ll learn about Dr. Carlos’ personal journey of self-growth; a mix of tried and tested clinical expertise to overcome his painful past, and emerge from his loveless marriage and dreadful past into a prosperous, well connected and loving life that has made all of this possible.
His story and amazing experience have helped transform thousands of lives from all over the globe and gave them the tools they need to make the change they desperately deserve.

Happiness is something everyone deserves, after all.

Just imagine what life is like, when you and your partner connect deeply once again, just like the first time your eyes met, as powerfully as that all-important first date you ever had. Imagine coming home from work and being able to know that your home is where you shut the door to get away from the stresses of the day, not a recreational warzone to be tolerated on a daily basis.

He is holding a groundbreaking event where you can learn a wide range of powerful, life changing secrets, so don’t miss this golden chance to transform your life.

You will experience:

  • The early experiences that define how you connect in marriage
  • Why couples NEED to fight
  • The kind of fights that destroys relationships
  • How to transform fighting and loneliness into a more connected relationship
  • The four clues that your fight will eventually lead to divorce or separation
  • What to do before, during and after a fight to bring love back to your relationship
  • And much more!

It’s only YOU who can take your relationship to a next level, so don’t miss this chance!