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Personal Development

If you are seeking a results oriented anger management program for personal development in a private, confidential setting. For the 10 years we have worked with hundreds of individual across many sectors to assists them in reducing anger in their lives.

Court Ordered

We also offer classes for those who are court ordered and employment mandate two Sundays per month. Contact us at 704-804-0841 or ctodd@conflictcoaching.co for more information or request an appointment

Our Process

Our process will include administering either one or two assessment and a step by step approach to teaching you how to manage anger.


We start with the Conover Anger Management Map and the EQ Map. Both of these assessment are used nationally and have strong credibility in the industry.


 After the assessment we work together to determine the number of sessions that will be needed to address the clients specific concerns.


The first session is usually 90 min

Each session after that is 60 min long. Our recommendations are usually to complete a minimum of 6 sessions.

The Struggle With Anger

The struggle with anger is something that impacts most of us at some time. It is the one emotion that can and will destroy your relationships, your career and ultimately your health. Anger is not the kind of problem that you should seek to handle alone. There are many reasons why individuals struggle with anger and simply learning to count to ten, taking deep breaths and walking away is NOT ENOUGH if you are to learn to manage your anger.

Anger is often driven by six major factors

Six Approaches to Anger

This six point approach to anger management will help you can control of your personal and professional life. It is a comprehensive approach to anger management that has worked for thousands of client and can do the same for you. Here is what one client said about our program


Poor Communication Skills

This includes not only how you communicate with others but how you communicate with yourself. How well do your understand your needs? To what extent are those needs met.


Emotional Intelligence

To what extent do you perceive and understand your emotional needs and that of others? Understanding emotions is critical to the managing anger.


Stress Management

Do you know what causes you stress and the connection between stress and anger. The truth is that there is a direct link and understanding the link will help with anger management.



This issue is almost always ignored in anger management programs. However we have found that individuals who struggle with anger have often gone through trauma which is directly connected to episodes of anger. Is this something that describes you? We can help



Unfortunately many of us do not know how to negotiate. Things must go our way or no way. We are stuck in our ways. We want to control everything. This kind of attitude will breed anger not only in you but in the individuals around you. Learning to negotiate will improve your anger management skills.



This is simply being able to deal with change. Life changes are inevitable but for some the skills to understand and manage change have to taught otherwise when “life happens” there is a tendency to use anger as a tool to defend what currently exist. Anger management can help you become more resilient.

Actual Client Feedback


This was a very comprehensive, highly educational, and solid road-map to being a better person in not only managing anger, but in communicating with and understanding others in every aspect of life. The material is very concise and fresh. It knew when I started with Dr. Todd that I was learning from the best. I will be using these new tools throughout the rest of my life. Speaking with Dr. Todd was another honor. He was very compassionate, understanding and even resilient (new power-word term I’ve learned from this course that I cherish.” Thank you!

Program Components of classes

Dr. Carlos Todd

I have one simple vision: To leveraging my life experiences, sound clinical practice and a strong therapeutic relationship to resolve the pain in your life.

My name is Dr. Carlos Todd, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and conflict management expert with over 15 years of experience. I was raised in a high conflict, abusive home.


Consequently, I spent many years in therapy–healing. Along the way I also gained a formal education and the credential to offer others the healing that I now holds so dear. It is this journey that I consider makes me unique.

You can read more about my credentials. Otherwise, please read on to see what 15 years of experience have taught me about what matters to clients when they are searching for a couples’ counselor.

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