The #1 New Year Resolution Women Need to Avoid

Well it’s that time of year! New Year: New You! For many women that newness comes down to a diet plan and numbers on a scale aka ideal weight. Gym memberships and weight loss programs enrollment skyrocket in January yet by June the wane in activity is classic. Why is that?

I think there are several reasons for that phenomena, especially among women. But one that reverberates on my mind and observations more often is this: we’re focused on the wrong thing. Weight loss and exercise in themselves are not motivational principles. They are short term objectives toward an overarching principle that motivates and underscore the objectives. In other words, the principles of investing in myself or developing a healthy lifestyle is more motivational than just the achieving the ideal number on the scale. In fact, focus on the principle will motivate a person to keep working towards the goal. It wins the war even though battles may be lost.

The bottom line? Make the development of a healthier lifestyle your resolution this year. This resolution will motivate you to make healthier choices overall–to choose raisins over cake; to sleep instead of watching your favorite late night show which in turn thwarts late night snacking. Focus on the principle will cause the healthy eating tip in your favorite magazine to jump off the page at you more than the gossip column. You get the point?

By the way, a healthier lifestyle goes beyond physical health. It incorporates the social-emotional (aka mental) and spiritual which in turn affect other sub domains (financial, vocational, etc.). In fact, if you eat well but harbor toxic thought patterns your physical health will eventually be impacted. But that’s another topic for another day.

Happy New Year!

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