Online TeleTherapy in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our world as changed since COVID-19. Since the emergence of this global pandemic, we have had to adapt to provide our clients the same quality mental health services we have provided the public since 2006 in our office to a global online platform in the form of teletherapy.

North Carolina Premier Teletherapy Providers.


We are open Monday-Friday & Sundays

Are you struggling with anger, conflict and relationship problems right now?

With the social distancing requirements that resulted from the development of COVID-19, it is crucial now more than ever to stay connected. At Conflict Coaching and Consulting, Inc, we are a husband and wife team of licensed and therapists we provide individual, couples, teen, and children counseling. Let’s be safe, schedule, meet your mental health needs from the comfort of your own home. Schedule a teletherapy session.

Teletherapy allows us to meet your mental health needs safely and professionally using our video platform

During a crisis such as COVID-19, new conflicts may emerge at home, your teens may need help coping, or you may need to continue regular therapy, we can help. Call our office or schedule an appointment online, we will then send you the necessary paperwork through an online service, and we will then meet online at your scheduled appointment time.