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Conflict Coaching and Consulting page for Men's counseling

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We are open Monday-Friday & Sundays

Men face many challenges and often suffer in silence

We at Conflict Coaching and Consulting believe that men should have a private place to work out their challenges. We work exclusively with men who struggle with anger, conflict and/or anxiety at home and work.

What men’s issues do we address?

  • Dealing with an Abusive Relationships
  • Resolving anger issues
  • Dealing with Cheating Spouse
  • Learning to communicate better
  • How to stop being controlling
  • Addressing Depression
  • Divorce Advice
  • Marriage Problems
  • Relationship Problems
  • Dealing with anxiety

What type of men call us?

Calls to our office come from men who are in conflict filled marriages, divorced men, gay men with relationship problems, men struggle with anger at work, from wives/ partners who are concerned with the angry men in their lives or from men who have been given an ultimatum to deal with their anger or else. These men are not domestic batterers but they are often irritable, lack empathy, isolate, are hard to engage and generally are not nice to be around.