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In some cases, we may allow a nonprofit host organization to propose an amount in the written booking request. This amount should reflect our expertise and the organization’s best level of compensation. The honorarium amount that an organization and Conflict Coaching & Consulting, PLLC agree on mutually will be considered contractually guaranteed.

For business and other organizations, fees will be set based on the nature of the event and the needs of the client.

Areas Of Expertise

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    Anger Management
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    Conflict resolution for adults, teens, and organizations.
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    Relationship conflict (special expertise)
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    Trauma and women
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    Vicarious trauma
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    High-performing women

How we deliver content

We provide structured training for staff, speaking for large or small audiences, and keynote presentations. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us at or

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Travel Expenses

The sponsoring organization will also place a high-traffic-location display/sales table(s) with at least one volunteer at each scheduled speaking session to assist with the sales/signing of the books and products of Carlos Todd, PhD or Natasha Pemberton-Todd, MA, MS, LPC, LPCS. All proceeds from these sales go to Conflict Coaching & Consulting, PLLC.

Booking Request 

If you’re ready to make a formal booking request for Carlos Todd, PhD or Natasha Pemberton-Todd, MA, MS, LPC, LPCS to speak or facilitate at your event, please complete a Booking Request form. For your convenience, you’ll find a Booking Request form to fill out below.

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